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Jazz Music Instruments list

A musical genre that emerged in the 20th century in the African American community became known as jazz. The slaves brought from Africa brought with them their rich musical culture. In the U.S., these slaves learned to play European instruments like the violin and has incorporated them in his style of play. Many African-Americans playing piano in bars to earn a living after the abolition of slavery. Places like New Orleans was a hotbed of musicians playing jazz instruments to create new sounds. The most common instruments are jazz saxophone and piano.

Jazz Instruments list

Jazz music has evolved over the centuries and has seen the inclusion of many instruments of this genre. There are different styles of playing jazz, and instruments used depend on the style. Jazz music is played with a combination of musical instruments, and some of these instruments of jazz names:

A brass instrument with three valves, which is played by blowing air into the mouthpiece. The player can press the valves to change the tone. Some are jazz trumpeters Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong.

A bass is the largest stringed instrument, resembling a large violin, which has a hollow wooden body with four metal strings. Many players use under a wooden arch with horsehair strings to play melodies, but some prefer to use your fingers to press the strings.

Popularly known as the "Sax" Saxophone is a brass instrument is played by blowing air in a reed placed on the mouthpiece. It is very similar to the clarinet, and Charlie Parker is one of the most popular saxophonists of all time.

Drum Set
The drums have been an integral part of the influence of African music and also play a vital role in a jazz band. In jazz, the drum is played with a different style and the battery has the box, the bass drum, cymbals and. One of the great exponents of the jazz drummer Arthur Blakey was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Known as a descendant of the trumpet, this wind instrument is played by vibrating the lips into the mouthpiece and push the slide to make music. The history of the trombone goes back to the Renaissance in the 16th century. It is usually played on the bass clef, although some musicians managed to reproduce the high notes in the treble clef as well.

A member of the family of musical instruments, woodwinds, the clarinet is an instrument of a hollow cylinder made either of plastic, ivory, wood or metal. The cane is made of plastic and connected to the nozzle, where the player blows into making music. There are many famous clarinetists, and one of them was Benny Goodman.

In jazz, the piano is the most popular. The piano keyboard of 188 keys allow you to adapt to different styles of piano music. It can be played as an accompaniment or as a solo instrument. The piano was used by jazz musicians to create African-American ragtime. Thelonious Monk was a jazz pianist who was known for his innovative style of play this instrument.

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