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Duke Ellington and John Coltrane - Duke Ellington and John Coltrane

Impulse!Release date: September 26th, 1962Re-release date: February 19th, 2008Availabilty: CD, MP3 download, iTunes Bob Thiele (John Coltrane's producer at Impulse!) took seriously his project of arranging musical meetings between Duke Ellington and jazz greats and in addition to sessions with Louis Armstrong and Coleman Hawkins he also produced this session with John Coltrane. As John Coltrane

Kenny Werner - Lawn Chair Society

Blue NoteRelease date: March 6th, 2007Availabilty: CD, MP3 download "Lawn Chair Society" with its Rene Magritte-like cover and challenging take on jazz appeared in early 2007 to deserved acclaim. It is now enjoying the kind of continued exposure via MP3 download and iTunes that it deserves.The band is mouthwateringly talented: Kenny Werner (piano), Chris Potter (tenor and soprano sax), Dave

Great Jazz, the best jazz, in 9 languages

100 Greatest Jazz Albums now has a feature to translate into eight languages all its articles and features on great jazz and the jazz greats, including jazz new releases and the best of the jazz album re-releases. Just click on the flag to view the whole of this great site in your chosen language. Or, of course, you can view in English.Features include: The 100 greatest jazz albums; jazz new


100最大的爵士樂專輯,現在有一個特點,可以翻譯成中文,其所有文章和特點對偉大的爵士樂和爵士隊偉大組合,包括爵士樂,新版本和最出色的爵士樂唱片重新發布。只要點擊旗幟,以查看整個這個偉大的網站,在中文。 其特點包括: 100個最大的爵士樂專輯;爵士樂新版本;爵士樂重新發布;即將爵士樂新版本,並重新發布;排名前100位的爵士樂專輯排行榜;排名前100位爵士樂唱片新版本圖表;亞馬遜MP3播放爵士樂,下載海圖;偉大自由爵士播客;爵士樂新聞;爵士樂DVD的;爵士樂環節(包括鏈接到爵士樂演奏家的首頁,免費怎麼玩爵士樂,爵士樂雜誌;爵士樂教育;爵士樂唱片公司,爵士樂電台/電視)和爵士樂gig指南。 首先,去到100最大的爵士樂專輯首頁,並點擊這個旗!100 Greatest Jazz Albums Home Page var

위대한 재즈 한국

100 최고의 재즈 앨범을 현재를 한국어로 번역하는 기능이 도시의 모든 기사와 기능을 위대한 재즈와 재즈 음악가를 포함한 새 릴리스는 최고의 재즈 재즈 앨범을 다시 - 릴리즈합니다. 플래그를 클릭하기만하면이 위대한 사이트 전체를 보려면 한국합니다. 기능을 포함할 : 100 최고의 재즈 앨범을; 재즈의 새 릴리즈; 재즈 다시 - 보도 자료; 붙임성이 재즈의 새 릴리즈를 다시 - 보도 자료;는 인기있는 100 개의 재즈 앨범 차트;는 인기있는 100 개의 재즈 앨범을 새 릴리스 차트; 아마존 3 재즈를 다운로드 차트; 위대한 무료로 재즈 podcast를; 재즈 뉴스; 재즈를 dvd; 재즈 링크 (링크를 포함하여 재즈 연주의 홈 페이지를 무료로 재즈를 연주하는 방법, 재즈 잡지; 재즈 교육을; 재즈 음반, 재즈


100の最大の特徴ジャズアルバムには、今すぐに全ての記事を日本語に訳すと機能して偉大なジャズやジャズの巨匠、ジャズをはじめとザベストオブニューリリースのジャズアルバムを再リリースした。ただ国旗をクリックして全体を表示するサイトでは、この偉大な日本人です。 主な特徴:最大のジャズアルバム、 100 ;ジャズニューリリース;ジャズ再リリース;来るべきジャズのニューリリースや再リリース;ジャズアルバムチャートのトップ100 ;新しいリリースのジャズアルバムチャートのトップ100 ;アマゾンジャズmp3ダウンロードチャート;偉大フリージャズポッドキャスト;ジャズニュース;ジャズをDVD ;ジャズリンク(ジャズ演奏者のホームページへのリンクを含むページには、無料でジャズを演奏する方法を、ジャズ雑誌;ジャズ教育;ジャズのレコードレーベル、ジャズのラジオ/テレビ)と、ジャズ演奏をガイドします。 を開始

Great Jazz em Português

100 Greatest Jazz Álbuns agora tem uma característica de traduzir em Português todos os seus artigos e recursos em grande jazz e do jazz grandes, incluindo jazz novos lançamentos e os melhores álbuns de jazz a re-lançamentos. Basta clicar na bandeira para ver a totalidade deste grande site em Português. As características incluem: Os 100 maiores álbuns jazz; jazz novos lançamentos; jazz

Grande jazz in Italia

100 Greatest Jazz Album adesso ha una funzione di tradurre in Italia tutti i suoi articoli e le caratteristiche della grande jazz e la musica jazz più grandi del jazz tra cui nuove versioni e il meglio del jazz album re-release. Basta cliccare sulla bandiera per visualizzare l'intero sito di questo grande in Italia. Le caratteristiche includono: I 100 album più grande del jazz; jazz nuove

Great Jazz in Deutsch

100 Greatest Jazz-Alben jetzt verfügt über eine Funktion zur Übersetzung ins Deutsche von allen seinen Artikeln und Funktionen auf den großen Jazz-und Jazz-Größen, darunter Jazz neuen Releases und das Beste aus der Jazz-Album-Releases. Klicken Sie einfach auf die Flagge, um die ganze dieses großartigen Website in deutscher Sprache. Eigenschaften umfassen: Die 100 größten Jazz-Alben; Jazz neue

Great jazz en français

100 Greatest Albums Jazz dispose désormais d'une fonctionnalité de traduire en français tous ses articles sur le jazz et le grand plus grands jazzmen, notamment les nouvelles versions de jazz et le meilleur album de jazz de la re-releases. Il suffit de cliquer sur le drapeau pour voir l'ensemble de ce grand site en français.

Les dispositifs incluent: Les 100 plus grands albums de jazz, jazz

Gran jazz en español

100 Greatest Jazz Álbumes ahora dispone de una función para traducir al español todos sus artículos y reportajes sobre los grandes del jazz y grandes del jazz, incluyendo las nuevas versiones del jazz y el mejor álbum de jazz de la re-versiones. Basta con hacer clic en la bandera para ver la totalidad de esta gran página en español. Las características incluyen: Las 100 más grandes álbumes de

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Weather Report - Live at Montreux 1976

Eagle Eye Media

Release date: April 17th, 2007

Recorded July 8th, 1976 at Montreux Casino, Montreux, Switzerland as part of the Montreux Jazz Festival


Joe Zawinul (Fender Rhodes, keyboards, synthesizers, piano)
Wayne Shorter (tenor and soprano saxophones)
Jaco Pastorius (bass)
Alex Acuña (drums)
Manolo Badrena (percussion)


Elegant People; Scarlet Woman; Barbary

Wes Montgomery - Wes Montgomery Live in '65

Jazz Icons

Release date: September 4th, 2007

Recorded in Holland, Belgium and UK in 1965


Holland 1965

Wes Montgomery (Guitar)
Pim Jacobs (Piano)
Ruud Jacobs (Bass)
Han Bennink (Drums)

Belgium 1965

Wes Montgomery (Guitar)
Arthur Harper (Bass)
Harold Mabern (Piano)
Jimmy Lovelace (Drums)

UK 1965

Wes Montgomery (Guitar)
Rick Laird (Bass)
Stan Tracey (Piano)
Jackie Dougan

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dexter Gordon - Dexter Gordon Live in '63 & '64

Jazz Icons

Release date: September 4th, 2007

Recorded in Amersfoort, Holland, July 29th 1964, Lugano, Switzerland, September 20th 1963 and Belgium, January 8th 1964


Amersfoort, Holland, July 29th 1964

Dexter Gordon (tenor sax)
George Grunz (piano)
Guy Pedersen (bass)
Daniel Humair (drums)

Lugano, Switzerland, September 20th 1963

Dexter Gordon (tenor sax)
Kenny Drew (

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin'

Blue NoteRelease date: January 5th 1958 Personnel: Sonny Clark (piano), Art Farmer (trumpet), Jackie McLean (alto saxophone),Paul Chambers (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums). Tracks: Cool Struttin', Blue Minor, Sippin' At Bells, Deep Night, Royal Flush, Lover (the last two tracks added to post 1987 CD releases) Review: With the single exception of "Kind of Blue", Sonny Clark's "Cool Struttin'''

Marty Ehrlich and Myra Melford - Spark!

Palmetto RecordsRelease date: September 4th 2007Availability: CD, iTunes Playing as a duo since 2000, Marty Ehrlich (bass clarinet) and Myra Melford (piano) have been proving for some years what a number of jazz musicians are just beginning to appreciate; given the right understanding and approach, less can be more. The paired down effect of just their two instruments playing off each other