Sunday, April 15, 2012

Basic Elements of music

Basic Elements of Music | The music and its fractions have been taken by man from nature sounds, like birdsong and wind. Different types of musical elements that have been found in nature are put together to make music.

Elements of music are as follows:

* Forms
* Stamp
* Melody
* Texture
* The Dynamics
* Harmony
* Rhythm

Form / musical form: Form is a factor that represents a style or type. Form, or more specifically, the musical form is determined by language, harmonic rhythm are used, text, musical instruments, etc. Sometimes the shape is also determined by geographical period, or historical, it belongs to, such as Indian classical music. As the name suggests, the Indian classical music in India since ancient times. It was developed in ancient India, according to the flow of sound that has occurred in nature. Sometimes the format of the song is also used to classify types of music. For example: the ballad is a narrative poem. The famous song "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica Rock Band, are often classified as a ballad, because of the story.

Stamp: The stamp is a rather abstract concept involves the separation and analysis of the visitors, who played on different instruments simultaneously. For example, the bass and guitar always played with the same code, but played Groove or singular representations bass, but the deal is played with guitar. The differentiation between the sound of the points is often used to describe the sound. It is often defined as a complex and distinctive design.

Melody: Track is often defined as a set of linear writing, such as air, voices or any contract or track. Create the content of the basic structure of the team. Note that the melody is often divided into different sentences. Specialty coating is that it is possible to write with the help of signal personnel and budget. For example, most layers of stone divided into several parts like verses and choruses. It is said that the horizontal aspect of music.

Abstract: Many musicians consider texture to be the heart and soul music. A texture is a fixed pattern or rhythm and play tag together. It is often referred to as progress. A common texture consists of harmony, rhythm and tempo. Some common texture is monophonic (one voice melodic where available) or polyphonic (where multiple, independent voices are used). A micropolyphony is a modern finish that was originally written by the famous Austrian composer Gy├Ârgy Ligeti.

Dynamic: the volume of travelers are known as dynamic music. Today, thanks to technological development in instruments like electric guitars with electronic controls for volume. But when you play traditional instruments, musicians had to manually control the volume during playback of the input. In the long term trend is in effect and enforceable written labels. For example, the "p" (lowercase) representation for piano playing softly.

Harmony: The term refers to the consistency of different writing tools played at different levels, but at the same scale is used to create contracts. Harmony is often referred to as harmonics modern music. He says it is the vertical aspect of music. Harmony includes certification programs each harmonic sounds or other text on the same scale. Author Arnold White, "It's not that counterpoint was replaced by a settlement of tonal counterpoint of Bach is not less than formal polyphonic Palestrina), but the old model is vertical counterpoint and technology has been replaced by a new model. Harmony and includes not only the structure ("vertical") agreements, but also ("horizontal") their movements. When it comes to music as a whole, the agreed process. "Harmony is a factor that makes the complex structure, and beautiful music. It also has an image of innovation and experimentation.

Rate: A rate is a set of sequential, synchronized and constant stomping and writing. The term "pulse" or re-alignment is a very important part of the line. The concepts of structure and rhythm, when put together form the term "bar". Bar is a set of rhythm, which included writing done in constant time.


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