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Jazz Dance Techniques

Jazz dance is deeply determined by the jazz music in its sounds, rhythms and techniques. It is more popular in America than in Europe. His style is energetic, abstract, sensual, pure and fresh is what makes jazz dance different from other types of dances. Until mid-1950, the dance associated with jazz tap dancing, which was the main dance presentation of the time. It was initiated by the African American community in the United States. Before you prepare to learn jazz dance is important to know about the warm up exercises to do, especially if you are dancing after a long time. You can practice yoga or other exercise to loosen stiff muscles. As jazz dance steps, ideas and opinions are varied, but there are some basic steps that can not be separated from the dance repertoire.

1. Jazz Square: One of the flagship initiatives, which are done either on the left or right with some extreme changes in the upper body.
2. Isolation: For hands and limbs, it is very easy, but you have to isolate the chest and the hips and really master the dance form. You can also heat with insulation.
3. Chasse: It is literally a 'chasing' a step that puts a step forward and put the other foot behind. It originated in the ballet.
4. Jazz Design: This step is often used on posters and images, and that can effectively describe the emotion involved in dance. This movement requires balance and flexibility.
5. Jazz Walk: Requires the dancers to walk straight into a pliƩ with shoulders in free position.

Besides these, there are ball change, boards, capture step, falling on the record, hip walk, moon walk, pivot step, touch, rotation, etc. to name a few.

Jazz Dance Techniques
The technique is the foundation of any dance movement. A perfect dance step, it is important that you learn the techniques correctly. Jack Cole, considered the father of jazz dance techniques developed different styles of this dance form. Their techniques were used in several videos, television commercials, movies and music. The rapid changes of direction, angle and placement in the knee slips much remains his trademark. Another name worth mentioning is Bob Fosse. He was a choreographer and director. Rounded shoulders, knees inward and full body isolations were his forte. Other names to consider jazz dance techniques are Katherine Dunham, Gus Giordano, Jerome Robbins and Gwen Verdon.

Learning jazz is a great way to keep fit and jazz dance classes are held everywhere. To improve jazz dance steps, it is recommended to learn some other forms of dance such as ballet and hip hop. Staff training is necessary to learn the dance that is available by enrolling in a dance studio. Although you can choose a DVD to learn the basic steps, it is always better to have professional help to master the art. There is always a high demand for skilled jazz dancers in Broadway productions and dance performances from around the world. Noted choreographers have their hands full of work in a variety of genres, television commercials, drilling equipment, etc.

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